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Welcome to Decks and Daggers! A Deck-Building RPG Card Game where you venture down into the dungeons to slay monsters and collect treasure!

Hrothgar the Barbarian is down on his luck until he meets a young scholar named Salazar. Together they journey to dark places to slay monsters and find treasure! But a dark threat looms on the horizon.

In this world of myth and legend, You’ll meet interesting characters such as Angvar the Skeleton King, Myrtha the Bog Witch, Equinox the Wizard, and Moloch the Rat Demon. 

Through dialogue options, you can discover their story and roleplay as the kind of hero that you would like to be.

After every quest, you can visit the tavern, where you can buy new cards from a shady merchant (no in-app purchases).

Optimizing your deck greatly increases the chances that you'll survive in the dungeons.

Decks and Daggers is available as a FREE DEMO version and a PREMIUM version.

The Premium version contains:

  • The entire (Barbarian) story
  • Unlocks all barbarian cards
  • All locations on the world map
  • 2 Different endings
  • Bosses
  • Achievements

To install the game:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Launch "Decks and Daggers.exe"

Have fun playing!

Mikel Fick - Osarion

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, cardgame, Dark Fantasy, Deck Building, Dungeon Crawler, Hand-drawn, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Buenas, tengo la versión premium, hace ya un tiempo lo jugué y me gusto mucho, debido a eso me lo compre en steam también, ahora estoy en una nueva pc y quería mandarle una partida, recuerdo que en su momento lo jugué en español sin embargo no encuentro la forma de cambiar el idioma, había que hacer algo  o como era? gracias

¡Gracias por comprar la versión premium! Significa mucho. Desafortunadamente, el juego solo tiene una versión en inglés. Nunca he lanzado el juego en ningún otro idioma.

ok, recordaré mal entonces, muy bueno el juego ayer me quede viciando un buen rato XD 

¡Me alegra que te guste! Estoy pensando en hacer una expansión del juego cuando termine con mi proyecto actual.

estaré atento entonces 

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The secound dungeon is too hard.

Take a good look at your deck of cards  (in the deckbuilder) to see if you can optimize your deck and/or buy new cards at the shop. You can go back to the previous dungeon to gather more gold. Also use the run away card to your advantage.

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I know but it seems a bit grinding at the begining. 

That's because it is. I also struggled a bit at the second dungeon, until I understood you're supposed to replay each dungeon a couple more times to grind gold and buy upgrades. Also there's a small tactic you have to understand: you don't have to beat every opponent in each turn, since you can always leave one card behind...

Buenas tardes, acabo de descargar la versión full del juego pero me dice que debo buscar una versión para mi equipo y no se inicia, sin embargo la versión demo si se inicia con normalidad, me pueden ayudar a solucionar este problema? Gracias.

Gracias por contactarme sobre este tema. Creo que el problema puede deberse a que los datos guardados del juego están en conflicto entre la versión demo y la versión completa. Para solucionar esto, haz lo siguiente:  1. Inicie la versión de demostración de Decks & Daggers y vaya a la taberna. 2. Presione la tecla ~ o `. (esto debería abrir la ventana de la consola). 3. En la consola, escriba: ShowSaveDataPath (presione Intro), esto debería mostrar la ubicación en su computadora donde se almacenan los archivos guardados. 4. Vaya a esa ubicación y elimine todos los archivos de la carpeta (o haga una copia de seguridad).  Si ahora inicia Decks & Daggers, el juego completo, debería volver a crear los archivos y tratarlo como un juego nuevo. Eso debería arreglar el problema.  Atentamente, mikel fick

Buenas noches, lamentablemente sigue sin funcionar, puede tener algo que ver con las características de la computadora? me resulta raro que la demo funcione pero el juego completo no. 

Adjunto 2 imágenes, una con las características de la misma y otra con el "error"

Sí, la demo y el juego completo no son tan diferentes, así que esto también me sorprende. Si está relacionado con su sistema, abrir el juego en un modo de compatibilidad diferente podría resolverlo.

¿Tienes Steam instalado? En ese caso. Envíeme un correo electrónico a mikel@osarion.com para que pueda ayudarlo más.

hi, any news ?

Hello ! you said : "The Witch story will be released on Steam as part of a big update in 2022" any idea when this will happen ? and only on steam ? I bought the game here :)

I'll release updates for the game on both platforms (Itch & Steam). When the new campaign is close to the finish line, I'll send out an update via Itch and the newsletter with a fixed release date.

ok ty for the info :)


Extremely polished game, and I love the tactical usage of cards for every action. However, I'm either really bad at it, or it's a tad too difficult, because I can't beat the second dungeon xD
Despite the difficultness, it's still fun to watch yourself getting further with each attempt. The soundtrack is an absolute banger too. Apart from the difficulty I'm having, everything about Decks & Daggers is absolutely pleasing to the senses. Honestly, even if you're not a fan of deck builders you may get a kick out of this.


Thanks for writing a short review!


There's a little difficulty gap between the first and the second dungeon. I also struggled the first time. You have to replay the first dungeon and get some upgrades on your deck before you're able to beat the second one. Also, try to learn this tactic: leave at least an enemy on each turn, unless you can easily beat them all. You don't have to collect every gold, you can discard these cards to clear the round more easily. Finally, sometimes you can runaway after picking some itens and take some damage to get a new reroll of cards. I was able to finish the demo easily in 2 days. Hope this helps.

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Is there no dialogue in the Hecatae campaign? Or do I just need to start a new save to see it?

Never mind, I see it. But it shows the Barbarian's portrait during dialogues instead of the correct character :( Or if something else is going on plotwise, it's really badly explained.

However, love the game!

If I have any criticism, it's that progression is meta-forward rather than skill-forward. It feels like a grind pretty quickly.

There is definitely a little grinding, but it just makes the game a little longer than it should be, otherwise. Nothing too much.

nice gsme but need mobile android or ios


This game is fantastic! Decks and Daggers and also Shroom and Gloom are 2 games that really opened my eyes and made me realize that I enjoy Card Building Dungeon Crawlers so much! The fact that you have 3 slots for weapon, armor, healing, or money make the game slightly challenging since you have to use 4 of the 5 action cards! I really enjoyed this game! Thank you so much for creating this fantastic game and it's definitely worth the $12.99 USD! 

I'm Yung MuShu! I'm a creator on Twitch and YouTube with a primary focus on anything and everything Indie and itch.io! I feel like more light needs to be shed on the indie game community and that's what I'm here to do!

Thanks for the video! (Just finished watching).


interesting. I may just buy it... but it would be better free but I guess you have to pay for good games.

It's definitely worth buying. I had fun playing the demo for free. Should probably invest on the full version soon.


Well-made game that feels pretty good to play. Didn't hold my interest for particularly long because the gameplay gets a bit repetitive once you've figured out the basic strategy, but a decent game nonetheless.

I enjoyed the story. Even if the gameplay feels repetitive after a few times, you get to unlock new challenges, enemies and cards. Not sure if it pays off for the full version but I enjoyed the demo while it last.

Extremely addictive! I especially loved the bit with the frog. 

I played the demo yesterday and immediately bought the full version on steam and played it all the way through!

There's a couple oddities to the combat (like how shields are better than weapons) but once you wrap your head around it, it's quite fun. A bit more of a puzzle than Slay the Spire. 

There's one small bug where the upgrade card can accidentally be dragged onto itself, and I didn't see a way to play as the witch, but this is truly an incredible game, and a very impressive project, especially for just one person! 

5/5 don't miss out!


I do agree ! (check other replies for how to play with witch)

Maybe because I'm on the Steam version, but I' not seeing it.

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Hi Alex, thanks for your review! The Witch story will be released on Steam as part of a big update in 2022. A rough version (without story) is available in the Itch.io version.

Awesome, looking forward to it!

so i have the premium version 1.71 - dumb question - how do i play with the witch - not anywhere i can find???

(1 edit)

Hi, you can create new decks in the deck builder menu. Click on the button 'Load deck' (or 'New Deck' if you are playing an older version). You can then create a new deck and select the Witch as your hero.


Just started, but this is AMAZING.


Haha, thanks for posting!

I tried the witch a bit, but story is not interesting so i changed back to barbarian in deck builder... and i found out that gold is not shared between chars. I had 84 gold with witch, switched to barbarian, only 7 gold. Intended ?

Yes, gold is not shared between the Witch and the Barbarian.

Bought full version 2 days ago, finished story right away :) gotta start again to get second ending.  Questions :

- will the witch get her own story ?

- will i get second ending playing with witch ?

- wondering if the "salazar will remember that" is important or not ? (for the story i mean)

Remarks :

- really understood strategy, now, and really got hooked !

- very nice story ! the 2 other playable chars fit very well in the story

- barbarian is really badass when helmet is upgraded twice

- nice difficulty, especially first playable char. infinite restart with no penalty makes difficulty worth it.

Once again, great game !

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like the game.

The text "Salazar will remember that" is an indication that a choice has consequences.

There are 2 different endings to the game, with 5 smaller variations. Which ending you get depends on the choices that you've made during the dialogues.

Right now my priority is to get this game out in the open by releasing it on Steam, to find out if people are interested in this game. I would like to create a separate story for the Witch and intertwine her story with the Barbarian. But that is still in the early stages.

ok, take your time :) i just hope buying this version will get me access to all these sweet promises :)

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Awesome game o/ The mechanics are unique and the story compelling so far.

I encountered some minor bugs while completing the demo, the voices blasted at full volume (even when I muted them completely) each time I changed scenes, and in a fight I had a blank cardHere’s a screenshot of the blank card during the fight

I bought the full game since the demo got me really into it, the sound bug is in the full release too ^^

(3 edits) (+1)

Thanks for buying the game! That's awesome! 
I've fixed that volume bug in the current version. (1.7)

Thanks o/

It's ok, thanks : I uninstal, install again. I start whith the Prenium.exe, and save. I start again, but, i loose my thrid unlock character. Game eraze for the realize?

I'm not sure what you mean. I did change the shop interface to show only the character that you are currently playing with. But I did not remove any characters from the game. Currently, you have the Barbarian + 2 other playable characters during the barbarian storyline. The Witch was included in the previous version 1.5. She is also available in this version.

Very good game !

I'm Prenium, but on Itch.io launcher, i'm only free user.

Hmm, strange... can you send me an email at mikel@osarion.com, 
so I can unlock the premium version for you?

(3 edits)

Hey Mikel,

just bought the "Full Version" and previously already played a lot the EAV 1.5. :-) - (of course all available levels, maps and cards ;-) - really like the game. :-)

... [edit] ...

With the Barbarian deck I could buy the new helmet ... [edit] ...

...[thank you for all the service :-) ]...

Please for the further advice. Thanks a lot and kind regards.

And just in case - here's the new emergency number:  ;-)

0118 999 881 999 119 725 3

For all other readers:

A very good game that is always to recommend!

I may also be a very single phenomenon. :-D

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Thanks for buying the full version! That's awesome!

Deleted 2 years ago

This looks interesting. Gonna check it out.

Thanks! I hope you like it.

It is ! Original gameplay, nice story and drawings... a perfect game for casual gamer like me :)

Ok. I like it, but it's a bit lackluster. I know it's in development, so there's still some stuff to work out. I was kind of bummed you have to get premium for better cards, but all in all, it's a great game with a lot of potential.

Personnaly, i'm waiting for final release to decide if i buy premium or not.

Thanks for letting me know. This Thursday I'll upload the full version.

Wow. I didn't know you'd do it so soon! 😆

any idea for release date ?

I'm currently aiming for a release in September.

uhh hi i love the game but when im in shop and i click to check out the card in shop it is behaind the main shop page

Thanks for posting this issue. I wasn't aware of this and I'll fix it in the upcoming version. At first glance, this might by caused by a framerate issue. You might want to try to go to the settings menu, put the FPS on 60, and disable the v-sinc checkbox.

I've uploaded a new version today (demo and premium). This issue should not happen anymore.


It's a great game, once you've understood the rules. 2 suggestions :

- I'd like to be able to keep the scimitar for myself ; even if i don't fight the merchant and buy the scimitar for 60 gold, I must give it back to the other merchant for 20 gold. It's really curious, for a barbarian. And in general it would be nice if cards could be quest rewards.

- maybe use a different name for items that disapear immediatly when used (sausage, baguette) and for items that don't (meat, bandages)

Thanks again, waiting for further development, and i'll surely buy the premium once the game is finished.


Thanks for the comments! Cards as a quest reward are indeed something I would like to implement in the next update.

Keeping the scimitar (and not giving it back to the shopkeeper) could be a nice option. The shopkeeper probably won't be happy with that so I guess there needs to be some kind of a downside.

like no hammer ? or higher prices ?

(1 edit)

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: That the shopkeeper could charge a bit more because he feels screwed over.

in case the player gives the scimitar to shopkeeper, it could then be for sale after quest (maybe it's already the case in locked cards, i don't know)

Deleted 2 years ago

I wanted to let you know that I've implemented the option to keep the scimitar instead of giving it back to the shopkeeper. It's included in the next update.


A very interesting game.  Its really cool how this is like a pve card game. From what I've played s far its really good! the artstyle to the gameplay. 9/10 Awesome!

Thanks for the video! Just finished watching. :)


A truly beautiful game! Really nice art and music!! One of the best card games I've ever played!! Great work!!


Thanks! Also for making the video! That's awesome.

How do you go about playing with the witch? I can't find the option even though I have the premium version.

In the deckbuilder: press the ‘change deck’ button. There you can create a new deck and choose the Witch as your hero.

it's ok Thanks !!!

Eagerly awaiting the witch update!

Deleted 3 years ago

The Witch is now available!

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Superb update! Witch has cool combos and skills. I like collecting both of the buff+1 cards, and playing them together, so the second one becomes +2, adding a combined +3 to your other cards.

Artwork is top notch again. I love how the witch becomes the old evil hag when she gets hurt 😁

Hello fellow dev
This is a very well-made game. I was already getting quite addicted. I could easily play a full game.
I love the artwork style. Great work. You definitely have some talent. Perhaps I could hire you to do some small artwork tasks for me? 😊
Keep up the good work.


Thank you! Means a lot. Releasing a game out in the open for the first time is always a nerve-racking moment, so I appreciate the comment + rating. You can always drop me a line when you need some work for hire stuff done. Good luck with your game development!

Very interesting premise. Played a few levels, good spin on a solo kind of card game.

Thanks for the comment and the rating! Glad you liked it.