Decks & Daggers - Release Version is Out Now!

I'm super proud to present the release version of Decks & Daggers! This is the result of 1 year of hard work!

This version includes the entire Barbarian storyline, lots of changes, improvements, and polishing!

Changes and Additions:

  • The complete story of Hrothgar the Barbarian & Salazar.
  • 2 new playable characters have been added during the Barbarian quests (don't want to give away any spoilers).
  • 14 New cards have been added, including; The Singing Scimitar, Pixie Dust, Kings Fury, Helmet.
  • New enemies have been added.
  • 2 Bosses have been added.
  • Achievements have been added.
  • Lots of new dialogue choices and quests.
  • Cards that are unlockable through quests.
  • 2 different endings with 5 smaller variations, depending on the choices that you've made throughout the story.
  • Card Changes: Great Helmet card has been changed to Helmet. The armor card has been removed.
  • Improved card balancing and difficulty.
  • Improved card rules.
  • Journal has been added.

I hope that you like the story and its conclusion. Feel free to drop a line in the comments section!

Have fun playing!
Mikel - Osarion


Decks & Daggers (Full Version).zip 172 MB
Sep 23, 2021

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Not finished demo yet, still playing, love your work. One thing bothers me (a little) : during last round, if i still have healing cards in deck, i can't use them after killing last monster (often on myself), so i can't get zero damage xp bonus. Is it intended ? If it is, i'll get used to it :)

The round ends when all the top cards are gone and when there are no new cards in the deck. It's a bit of a puzzle to play it in such a way that you still have time to heal after an attack, for example by keeping a treasure card at the top and deal with the enemy first, then heal and collect your treasure card last... if possible.

Yes ! Just downloaded it, gonna try when i have quiet time :) what's the difference between demo and full version ? thanks


Awesome! Thanks!

The full version contains:

  • The complete story of Hrothgar the Barbarian & Salazar, Including all quests.
  • 2 new playable characters that are playable during the Barbarian quests (don't want to give away any spoilers).
  • All Barbarian cards are unlocked and available in the shop.
  • 14 New cards that become available at certain levels.
  • 2 different endings with 5 smaller variations, depending on the choices that you've made throughout the story.
  • Achievements
  • Boss Fight (1 boss is in the demo, the other one in the full version)

PS. the save files from the demo are compatible with the full version so you can always continue after you've finished the demo. 

ok some things :

- i installed demo1.6 on 1.5 with overwrite (hoping to keep saved games), game didn't start (using windows 10)

- i deleted everything, reinstalled 1.6 in same directory, game started, old saves from 1.5 still available

- loading old saves didn't get me anywhere, still stuck, so I started all over

- saw new monster (rat) and a strange thing in dialiogs : "salazar will remember that..." meaning my choices in dialogs might influence what happens later. Nice :)

Will the purchase of full version contain future releases ? Love your work !

It's best if you remove the entire directory. (Save files are located in another folder). If you want to remove all the saved data:  go to the main menu in the game, and click on the settings button. At the bottom, there is a 'clear saved data' button.

 Will the purchase of full version contain future releases?